Resilience – reduces noise and provides underfoot comfort.

DurabilityHERITAGE CLASSIC VINYL FLOORING is very durable and maintains its characteristics under heavy foot traffic and use. It is moisture and stain resistant, so spills can be easily removed.

Water resistant – a good choice for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and patios.

Bio-based plasticizer is made from 100% organic raw materials.

Product is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.

Floating installation system, very easy for DIY.

High life expectancy – lasts for decades with minimal maintenance.

Naturally anti-microbial – good for hospitals, schools as well as kids’ nursery rooms.

Cost effectiveHERITAGE CLASSIC VINYL FLOORING is comparatively less expensive than most other floors. It is much easier to afford than flooring options with similar attributes.

Environmentally friendly – we use one of the best plasticizer DOTP. We have passed certification of Floorscore and DIBt. Creates no toxin.

Locking system – with 10 years of experience in profiling, we have the easiest locking system to ensure the strongest pulling strength.

Dimension (L x W x T)                    : 1220mm x 180mm x 4.2mm (48” x 7.1” x 1/6”)
Surface Material                             : Virgin PVC
Texture                                           : Wood Visual
Protective Wear Layer Thickness  : 0.3mm
Gloss Level                                    : 10+/-2
Surface Finish                                : UV Matt Coating
Locking System                              : Heritage Click Lock
Edge Finish                                    : Straight Edge
Packing per carton                         : 12 pieces (2.635 sqm / 28.365 sqft)
Packing per pallet                          : 45 cartons (118.584 sqm)
Pallets per 20’ container                : 20 pallets (2371.68 sqm)
Carton dimensions                         : 1235mm x 192mm x 55mm
Weight per piece                            : 1.85kg
Weight per sqm                              : 8.43kg
Weight per carton                           : 22.2kg
Weight per pallet                            : 1,020kg
Weight per 20’ container                : 20,400kg


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