Modulyss – In-Groove


In-groove was developed to address the fine dust problem. The thickness and grid structure of the yarn make In-groove no fewer than 6 times better for capturing and holding fine dust than hard floors.

In-groove is therefore extremely suitable for offices, schools and heavy traffic areas such as entrance halls and corridors.

GUT-NR: 24660
BRE: ENP 428

Made In Belgium

Construction: Tufted 1/10” Loop
Fibre: 100% Aqualon HD Nylon
Pile Weight: ca. 740g/m2
Total Weight: ca. 4700g/m2
Pile Above Backing: ca. 418g/m2
Pile Height: ca. 3.6mm
Total Height: ca. 7.2mm
Pile Density: ca. 0.116 g/cm3
Tuft Density: ca. 158,500/m2
Backing: Back2Back: Modified bitumen
enhanced with a thermoplastic elastomer,
reinforced with a glass fibre fleece
covered with 100% PES fleece
10% recycled content included
Size per Tile: 50x50cm
Tiles per Box: 20 pc (5m2)

Recommended Installation Method
Ashlar, Brick, Quarter Turn

15-year Quality Warranty
Ideal for Heavy Commercial Use.



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Performance Classification: 33 - LC2 (EN 1307) Castor Chair Suitability: A: continuous use (EN 985) Fire Resistance: Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1) Colourfastness to light: 7 (ISO 105-B02) to rubbing: ≥4 (EN ISO 105-X12) to water: ≥4 (EN ISO 105-E01) Thermal Resistance: 0.050 m2 K/W (ISO 8302) Impact Noise Rating: 36 dB (ΔL ISO 140-8) Sound Absorption: ISO 354 Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 S 0.01 0.04 0.05 0.18 0.25 0.32 Permanent Antistatic: ≤2 kV (ISO 6356) Transversal Resistance: ≤109 Ohm (ISO/DIS 10965) Dimensional Stability: max. 0.2 % (EN 986)