Gradus Esplanade 1500 primary entrance barrier mat is constructed from wipers which are held in an aluminium base that is supported with pvc bridging strips for additional strength. The base sections are held together with pvc linking strips in either an open, closed or scraper construction.

The closed construction allows dirt and moisture to be trapped on the surface of the mat. Dirt can then be removed by regular cleaning in addition to periodic deep cleaning. The construction of the fibres within the wipers of the mat allows moisture to evaporate.

Esplanade 1500 is ideal for use in interior locations subject to medium foot and wheeled traffic such as high street shops, schools and offices

Esplanade 1500 has a 10 year warranty

Available stock in Vietnam


Thickness: 16.5mm
Construction: Closed and Open
Warranty: 10 years
Application: Interior
Wipers: 100% polypropylene
Base: Aluminium with
pvc bridging strips
Linking Strips: Pvc
Divider Bar: ADB018
Edging Strip: ESP15ES40
Coordinates: Boulevard 1500


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